Integrate more plans in Planner (guest and company)

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as Consulting Company many of my colleagues are using planner both in our tenant and in customers tenants where they are invited as Guest. Is there any possibility to import the guest plan in our environment. I mean final user would like to see all plans together in the Planner app in our tenant (plans where he is a guest and plan where he is owner\member).


Thank you!

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@FabioBielli Hi there- the guest experience for a Plan in Planner is a different view than the user who created the plan in their environment. Unfortunately now there is no way to have cross-tenant Plans appear currently. So you will just have a guest view and a regular view.  The limited Guest view is attached.  That is a nice idea- you bring up a good point about having the tasks/plans aggregated for easy access.

@Ethan Stern thank you for your answer. I totally agree with you, it would be useful to have a cross tenant view: I think we are not the only one to have many people working on more projects through different Tenants (Company one and customer) and the possibility to check the plans in a view would be more of a nice to have!

If anyone could suggest a workaround it would be appreciated. At the moment I suggested to link the Guest plan as web page in the teams as a tab or to keep open Company Teams with desktop client and customer Teams\planner with edge web app. 

@FabioBielli I totally agree!  A workaround I use is to install an instance of Teams where I am a guest as an edge app and then I can run both instances of Teams side by side. The great thing is I also never miss a notification and I don't have to switch back and forth from my Guest view to my regular environment.  I have attached instructions for you. I hope this helps!