I still donot see Planner App in my Tenant

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Hello All,


We are on Enterprise E3 plan. The updates are set to Standard release.


I still donot see Planner rolled out to my tenant. Let me know when can i see Planner App in my tenant?


Thanks in Advance.

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Based on the blog article last month, it will be available within several weeks worldwide. You could try and get on to "first release". However, you may want to check on your tenant of the following configurations.

- Office 365 Groups creation blocked by group policy. Planner relies on O365 Group.
- Planner license not allocated wthin your E3 plan.

hope this helps.

Thanks Chirag

that goes for me/us also.  The rollout was to be completed by the end of August. I can access the app using the url but no app the waffle as of today 8/31/2016. Man Sad

The rollout isn't complete yet. We anticipate late Q4 this year - We will continue to roll Planner out to eligible tenants, and we will work to make sure we have adequate capacity to accommodate demand. Although we regret a delay in Planner’s rollout, we are driven to maintain the standard of quality and performance that Microsoft customers expect. We could not maintain our schedule without risking the quality of the user experience for existing users. Best regards, Brian.
I think I had read somewhere that the rollout was expected to finish at the end of August, but thanks for the clarification...I think an official message about roadmap and planner finall rollout could be great
You could try to add an E5 trial to your tenant. Newly provisioned licenses are more likely to have the planner included.


Link to planner app showed up recently. Don't know exactly when I don't check every day.