How to see who is CURRENTLY responsible for a Task

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When there are multiple people assigned to a Task in Planner, is it possible to easily distinguish which of the members is CURRENTLY responsible for that task? For instance if it is a project which is going through various stages (i.e. completion, review, etc).  In Trello we use the labels for this (i.e. we create a label for each person and when you are passing the torch on a task to the next person you change the label to their name).  The when you go into Trello you can search for all the Labels with your name.  However there is a limitation of only 6 labels in Planner so that is not an option as we have a team of 9 people.  We are keen to move over from Trello to Planner however this is one of our main challenges to solve.  Thanks! Beth

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Not really, But you can use buckets to kind of set the task in different stages, as well as using the checklist to kid of tick off the different steps that belongs to diffewrent persons.

More labels coming soon too :=)