How to manage plans as a global admin

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As an admin I'd like to manage the plans our users have created. It's not easy to find any relevant information about this subject. For instance:

- which plans did my users create

- how can I delete a plan when I'm not the owner of that plan


We believe that enterprise data should not be stored in a way that only a few users know about it. We'd like to manage data, label it and, when no longer used, archive it.



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AFAIK, you cannot currently do this since a global admin in Office 365 is not a "global admin" in Planner.

i agree on both fronts.  right now, only the planner creator can add users.  need to be able to manage all plans as an admin.  If not from O365 then allow planner to have its own user level controls.  also, need the ability to archive completed plans.  We want to maintain the history but keep the open plan list clean.  The issue with leaving it there is if you click on tasks and sort by plan, the completed plans show up.  messy list if you have over a hundred plans.