how to make someone the owner of the plan without owner?

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I've tried to add another member to one of our plans on the Planner.

We are using it in a commercial environment.

It turns out I was not able to add more members as I'm a member myself, we figured that only the owner of the plan can add more members.

The owner left the company some time ago, and mentioned plan do not have an owner, means no more members can be added.

Is there a way to take ownership of a plan so we could add more members?




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@Michu1605, Your Office 365 admin can add another user as the group owner from the admin portal--> groups(Planner linked group) and that group owner will become the plan owner as well. 

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Will try that, however, I've no clue who the admin is, and I don't have admin tile in my Office360 ( I guess only admins do).


Would you know where to look for admins email?



I would recommend contacting you IT Helpdesk