How to import Planner task data from MS-Excel, Access or SharePoint List?

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Hi, I'm using MS-planner to track user acceptance testing across global teams. i.e. each test scenario is a task. The Kanban is easy to update for the superusers, as they can quickly add test results and change the test status; merely by dragging the task into a new bucket. For End-To-End testing, the testers can also easily see when it's their 'turn' to run a step in an End-To-End test script (each test steps is a checklist item within the task) . This is really great during Corona times when the testing team can't physically meet-up in the same room.


I see there is an export to MS-Excel feature, but I can't see how to import data into Planner from MS-Excel, MS-Access, SharePoint; like you can with SharePoint Lists. This would be very useful as I often have many parallel plans with 100's of test scripts - which I'm tracking across many teams. It's very tedious to create these manually.

Thanks for any help and workaround ideas.


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