How to handle repeat tasks

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Hi everyone, 


I feel like its possible that Planner isn't going to be able to provide me with what I'm looking for, but I'm hoping you guys will know if its possible or maybe have a suggestion of a better way of doing this.


Essentially, I'm looking to have a way to manage a list of tasks which are delegated to different people that all occur after a trigger event.


The trigger event isn't on a set time schedule, but each time it happens the subsequent list of tasks and the people they are delegated to are the same every time. 


Ideally I don't want the project lead to have to re create all the tasks and the group each time the trigger event occurs, I thought about doing this as a SharePoint list instead but as there are a lot of tasks (20+) I'm not sure this is the best way.


Can anyone suggest how I could do this in planner, or perhaps a better way to do this within 365?

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