How to get to a Plan for a newly created Team / M365 Group


I feel like something has changed with Planner.


If I create a Team or an M365 Group, a Plan should be created automatically, right?


But a newly created Team or a newly created Group doesn't show up in the Planner hub. The only way I found to get to the Plan was to:

go to Groups in Outlook -> Click on the Group Name -> Click on Planner in the popup card


Is there any other way? This seems like an embarrassing flow to counsel users on, and of course this won't work for the Planner created by Teams, since Outlook groups are hidden.



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I am also facing a similar issue when provisioning a team site using Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate. The resultant team site (M365 group) gets the Conversations, Notebook and Planner on the quick launch but for some reason the Planner itself is not readily available unless we open it (click on quick launch).

I was looking into adding some default buckets for the Planner (programmatically using Graph API/PnP cmdlets) after the site has been provisioned but the query was not finding the planner. Strange case is that if I use a URL https://tentant/sites/sitename/_layouts/15/groupstatus.aspx?target=planner on a different tab this too activates the planner.

I would have expected the Planner to be readily available for the newly provisioned team site or group. Any idea if this is the default behaviour or if we we have workaround for this.

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Satheesh Vijayan