How to be notified of the work/comments privately of one team members in a plan?

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A planner is set up in larger work group/channel but 'private'.   A colleague used to be able to put comments in as did I in a private plan and each would be notified.   However, I set up a similar plan with a new colleague and whilst I don't think everyone in the channel/team can see it (which is what I want), I'm not clear on how just the two of us can be in the private plan, as I need to, as this must be the way each gets notified but it no longer happens.  I'm sure it is something simple and ask if I can be pointed in the right direction?  Thanks.

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Hi @ColinFBMH,

here are the steps for creating a private plan in Microsoft Planner and adding members:

  1. Open Microsoft Planner.
  2. Select "New Plan" and then choose "New Blank Plan."
  3. Provide a name for your plan.
  4. In the "Privacy and Security" settings, choose "Private."
  5. Click "Create" to create the plan.
  6. Navigate to the "Members" section and click the downward arrow.
  7. Add usernames for individuals who should have access.

It's essential to be aware that you cannot set a plan as private if it's linked to an existing group.

Currently, Planner does not support the creation of private tasks.

You can share your feedback on this matter with Microsoft through their feedback portal.
Planer · Community (

You can also send a feedback request to Microsoft in Microsoft Planner:

- Click the Settings icon

- Under "Planner" click "Send Planner feedback".

- This opens "Send Feedback to Microsoft"

- Click on "I have a suggestion" 




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Leon Pavesic

Thanks. My plan is marked private but the members in the wider group appear to be members by default. I have somehow created a group in the past where notifications from comments were sent between two members only. Had there been more then people would have shouted and got annoyed. I'm puzzled.