How do I get bucket view in "assigned to me" tasks

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I'm wondering how to get back the bucket view in the "assigned to me" tasks in planner. I know I can toggle views within the "shared plans", but I really dislike the list view for my own tasks. It is clunky and less organized for me to read, opposed to the three buckets for "Not Started", "In Progress", and "Complete". 



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@vandamaurora  Any luck with this?  I am also trying to add "bucket" as a viewable column in the "Assigned to me" view of Planner within Teams.

@vandamaurora I'm assuming you are referencing the tasks/planner app in Teams.  I don't believe there is a way to have a bucket view for "My tasks" including the "assigned to me" list.  I think that is because My tasks is pulling tasks from To Do and those tasks don't have buckets.  I can think of two ways to get you close to what you are trying for...  In "Shared plans" you can apply a filter to only show tasks assigned to you.  The disadvantage of this you can only see one planner board at a time.  Alternatively, you can get close by using the "My tasks" view in the Planner web app ( and changing the group by settings.  Disadvantage of that is you are not in Teams, but you could add it as a tab in your team.  Hope that helps.