How do I find out if an Office 365 group was created via Planner? Planner governance

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Does anyone have a way to report or alert on O365 Groups created via 'new plan'?


Planner doesn't really fit within our governance thinking about preventing O365 group sprawl.

If you think about Teams or SharePoint its easy to reach agreement with a group of users that it's prudent to talk about safe sharing and information handling and lifecycle. You can then wrap a process and support around the use of O365 Group based services.


This goes out the window with Planner. We have users creating plans for personal use. One academic recently created ten within the space of an hour to help him plan his work. Ten plans = ten O365 groups (ten mailboxes, ten AAD entries, ten SharePoint sites etc). It's common for users to have multiple plans once they get used to Planner.


We'll most likely disable self-service Group creation and run it via a form and approval process. Planner for individual use is an awkward proposition. It would be easier to tell them to use Trello.


Back to the original question. When I was asked the size of the problem i.e how many groups is Planner creating? I'm struggling to answer it. Any ideas?

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If my memory serves well, there is not an easy way to get this...the Audit Log Search in the Compliance Center does not provide event for Planner....I believe a while ago someone published a trick to get this information from the Graph

@Juan Carlos González Martín thanks. Hopefully they might drop by and help me out :)

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@DazzaR I might not be able to do it via PowerShell but it appears you can do it via AAD audit logs using the following settings.