How do I add Planner to a Group

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I created a new plan from the Planner hub a couple of weeks ago, which I can see alongside two that have been added from within Teams. Adding a plan in this way created a Group. I've since deleted this Group and plan - it was a trial only.


Yesterday I created a new Group and now want to add a plan in Planner to this existing Group. If there's a way of doing this it's not intuitive as I've been trying to find a way of doing it now for about an hour to no avail. I don't want to delete this Group and create it by adding a new Plan as I've already added other content to it and this seems like a very odd way of achieving what I want to do; there must be a better way?

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Not sure if I follow you here. When you create a Group, a Plan is created behind the scenes...when you create a Plan, a Group is created behind the scenes...the Group should not be deleted since it grants membership to the Plan. When you create a Team, you create a Group behind the scenes and you create a Plan. Teams allow to create additional Planner Plans and same happens with a SPO modern site

My issue was when I created a Group I couldn't find a way to create a plan within it that uses the Planner app. It's possible (in fact likely) that there is a way but it wasn't obvious and I spent quite a while looking.


I've now given up and created a new Team in Teams, I have no problem adding a new Planner plan here. I don't really need the functionality in Teams as this is a (probably) temporary storage location for myself and a (co-located) colleague to use to store documents at the start of our involvement in an existing programme before we have access to their resources. A Group would have sufficed.


A plan is automatically created for every group that is created. when you create a group, you will get a welcome email with a link to the Plan.



you can create plans for an existing group by going to the relevant SharePOint site, and use the New, Plan button