How can I tell if a Planner is *THE* group, or just a Planner in a group (teams)

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How can I tell if a Planner is the planner that each group has available, or if it is just a new planner that was created in Teams as a planner within a channel?


I want to clean a few of the Planners up that we have, but I'm afraid to delete a planner if it is the group, as that will also delete the team! I know this from experience unfortunately, and it was before MS provided a way to undelete Teams, so as a result, we've never deleted a planner since.

I know that Planners that are the Group/Team as well as these "sub-Planners" both have "groupid" in the URL, so I guess both are groups, but the latter one is a group I don't care about as deleting it should not delete the Team itself.

And I dream of a day when we have one name for these things, instead of Group/Team/Workspace/Planner, but that is a different thread. :)

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AFAIK there is no way to get this information, but curious to know if I'm wrong :)

That cannot possibly be right? So we never delete planners, or do and then if we accidentally delete a Team in the process, no biggie, we are just down for 8-24 hrs as the Teams undelete process works?