Hiding Yammer Group generated Plans (which are not Plans)

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Now ever Yammer Group creates an O365 Group and then every O365 Group gets a Planner. So now we have a long list of Planners in the Hub which never have or never will have Plans. It makes it look really bad to people, "why does Book Club have a Planner???".  


What is the best way to hide or delete these Plans?


Is there a way to not have a Planner show up unless explicitly asked for?



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Interesting ask and I think @Brian Smith can say a lot here...I would say that you have to manually (or automatically by using the Microsoft Graph) to delete the Plans you don't want

This is a feature I've asked for a long time. Too much stuff gets provisioned. We have so many bogus sharepoint sites and planners and whatever else tied to discussion only Yammer groups.

Microsoft's response has been they will NOT do anything about this. They will provision everything every time.

So we'll have to just deal with the "digital debris", even if it causes confusion to our users

How do you delete a Planner? I am not aware that you can.


Interestingly, Teams do NOT get generated, and I think if I had to pick one to be automatically generated it would be a Team not a Planner!!

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Not possible, without deleting the underlying Group, which also deleted the Yammer Group.