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I created a group in office365 with Teams enabled. Afterwards I created a guest user. The guest user can access the Sharepoint Site, the Team the notebook etc.

The guest user is unable to access the planner directly from the URL or the tenant URL and neither if I add the plan to the sharepoint site. See the Error Messages in the attachment 


The guest user does see the planner if I add it to the teams channel.

I want that the guest also can access the planner directly and from sharepoint but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Anybody get an idea what I'm doing wrong?



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Hi @sebastianbeck It sounds like your guest isn't navigating to the full tenant looking at the 2nd error. Try having them go to<yourtenant> rather than just Also make sure they are showing in the the Plan as a guest.
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Thanks for your Answer @Brian-Smith


I tried to use the full tenant and the direct link but neither works. 

I just verified and the user is shown as GUEST. See screenshot.

Any other idea?


What should be the normal procedure? No login at all? 


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That is also failing for me now @sebastianbeck - I'm just checking with my product group colleagues...

@sebastianbeck can you try the login again - at<yourtenant>  My colleagues changed something.

For the SharePoint error I'm seeing the same issue and we are still investigating - this has a slightly different authentication flow - but you should be at least unblocked for guest access directly to Planner.

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Hi @Brian-Smith


The planner works! Thanks for fixing this.

Let me know when the SharePoint problem is fixed. For me it's not a high prio if I can access the planner directly.


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Hi @Brian-Smith,


Do you have an update on the sharepoint issue?


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@sebastianbeck the fix is getting close - just going through our validation rings.  I'd expect either later this week or early next?  This same issue also is causing an issue for guest access via the Android app too.

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Hi! I have similar problem with a client that has invited a guest who can access to Sharepoint but not Planner. Is the fix provided here general or specific to Sebastians' case?

BR Mika