Graph API: creating a plan returns 'MaximumPlannerPlans' exception

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Although I'm able to create new plans in my group through Teams, I can't do this through the Graph API.



"owner": "92458183-5426-4640-846d-cb6a6e0c3718",
"title": "Test plan"



"error": {
"code": "MaximumPlannerPlans",
"message": "The request exceeded allowed limits.",
"innerError": {
"request-id": "11677684-ae07-4a79-99a0-ea9e1d4b85b5",
"date": "2018-06-20T19:51:45"


Is there a setting for allowing multiple plans per group?



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Hello ,


I am also facing the same issue . Do you find any answer for this ?

No, never. I wonder what the right place is to report these kind of problems. Techcommunity apparently not..