Get Bucket name for Bucket ID

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There are plenty of Planner templates which are almost useful but inexplicably return BucketID rather than Bucket Name, e.g.  "Send a daily email of incomplete Planner tasks in CSV and HTML Table Format". Who wants to know the BucketID rather than the name?! Does anyone have an example for turning the BucketID into the BucketName within the Flow? I know there's a "List Buckets" action, but that requires GroupID and PlanID as inputs - all the actions to list Planner tasks only seem to return the PlanID not the GroupID so where do I get GroupID to use as an input? Looking on Google people seem to work around this by entering it manually, but that's no use to me as that would only work for a pre-determined plan and I want this to run across all my plans. Hope that made sense :)

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