Generating a Plan from MS Project to Planner

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Microsoft Project allows you to share your plan from Project to SharePoint Task List.  My question is, can I then sync the task list with Planner? or publish straight from MS Project to Planner tasks?

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You can sync tasks from Project to Planner

@Juan Carlos González Martín this seems like a useful function.  May I ask that you provide a link to additional documentation describing the feature and how to use it? 


@Juan Carlos González Martín The only documentation I've seen is sync'ing via Flow. Or is there a different O365/Project License required to be able to sync directly from Project to Planner?


I did find a 3rd party app as well, but requires a separate purchase.


Hard to understand why Microsoft would have these tools that can't talk to each other.

Thanks for the tip. I'm not sure that will work for me after looking it up, but I'll see if I can get it to work.