GCC High - Disable Microsoft Planner email notifications when a comment is added

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For GCCH / GCC High tenants (https://tasks.office365.us/), please allow group owners or disable the function that comments added to a tasks are emailed to all members of that task. 


Ideally the email would be sent to only the assigned person, or someone that has previously commented on the task. 


Having users stop receiving any group messages, is counter productive, because I want users to receive group emails to their inbox, but I don't want to SPAM them with task comments. 


The work around we are using is to use the notes / description section on the task to keep comments.

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Another pitifully designed tool. 5 years later (https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/planner/email-notifications-sent-to-myself-on-every-comment/m...) still nobody cares at Microsoft. There are far better tools on the market!