Finally...Microsoft Planner support has been added to Flow


Microsoft Planner support in Flow is finally here: A big applause to the Flow Team!!

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Thanks for posting @Juan Carlos González Martín. Yes, its the next big mile stone for Planner adoption. Also it seems Microsoft is working on the Planner limitations which I have posted lasted month. ( Now we can assign up to 300 tasks per user. SO all positive things will ease Planner adoption :)   

This is great news! Something I know a lot of customers have been waiting for.

I've had a go exploring the features. It looks good. Are we ever likely to see support in the reverse direction. e.g. When I create a Planner task, create a Wunderlist/Outlook task?
Not sure when it will be. Lets hope for the best!

Hi Philemon,


I can certainly confirm that the way you asked for (Planner creates a task in Outlook) already is a working feature today.

However, it is not working with Wunderlist or the new successor of Wunderlist, the Microsoft To-Do App.


In addition, it just creates tasks, but no calendar entries. This is still something to be done manually once you created a new card in Planner which in itself automatically creates a task in Outlook. It is up to you then to drag this automatically created task to a certain date and time, even if this information is already part of the information in your planner card (e.g. due date)


Hope this helps.


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Hi @Joachim Schirra, can you confirm that you manually start a trigger each time when new cards are created in Planner? So it will be created in Outlook.

Are you sure? When I use planner I only get Actions not Triggers see screenshot below planner triggers.png

Hi , @Philemon Burney, there is no automatic triggers avaialble for Planner. So creation of anything from Planner to Outlook / Wunderlist is not possible.


The other way is to manually start the trigger each time to sync the tasks. But I am sure that it will create duplicate tasks to Outlook tasks. Once you triggered the sync process it will fetch all tasks from Planner and create tasks in Outlook. I have not yet tested this case, but logically it should work in this way. I will try this and keep you posted.

@Philemon Burney & @Santhosh Balakrishnan: I have to apologize for the confusion I created. You and Santosh are absolutely right. It does not work. I somehow mixed it with the functionality of the new Microsoft To-Do App, which is indeed able to create tasks in Outlook.


I don´t know why I mixed this with Planner´s (Un-)ability to do this. The only explanation I have is that it was a kind of wishfull thinking that Planner should have the same functionality... ;)


Sorry again for the confusion I created...


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Adding Flow to create tasks from Outlook into Planner is nice but its a one way flow.  So when you mark a task complete in Planner it doesn't mark it complete in Outlook.  Not sure how this really solves anything.  

Here is the blog which explains how to

  • Create Planner task when an email flagged in office 365
  • Create Planner task when email is received from selective user
  • Import task from SharePoint list
  • Create new Planner task when a new card is added in Trello.

Nice post question off topic: do you have a RSS for your comapny blog so I can add to my feedly RSS :-)?
Here is the another blog post which guides you to create Planner task and Outlook calendar event from Outlook using Flow.
Do anyone know when Planner in MS Flow will support triggers? Any ETA?

This is a great feature, but seems it's not mature yet. When I create a Planner task in a flow, the assignee does not receive any notification about this new task. The plan I used has the option to send notifications to the conversation feed enabled, but it only sends notifications when the task is updated or completed, not when it's created.