Filter By Label in Planner - PLEASE!

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So we are really looking to incorporate Planner into our workday. Office 365 Groups has been great, the issue we have is that Planner is just not there for us yet. And we keep waiting for more... The two biggest are Outlook integration and Filtering by Label. We get this great opportunity to use the limited colored Labels, which we like, but they are in effect, useless. We need to be able to filter by them. As we are a large team of smaller teams, our lead would like to see our tasks in a single view and be able to filter by the individual labels (the smaller teams in this case). At Ignite, I was told this is coming, and have voted it up in UserVoice. I just don't see how this is not an obvious and productive low hanging fruit type feature. Any thoughts, updates, possibilities?
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+1 to this request....I would recommend you to go to Planner User Voice and check if this request has been posted that case, you can vote for the request ...if not, you can post it there so others can vote it

Soon avilable in iPlanner Pro

Guys, this has been implemented.MS Planner Filters.png

Just not in the "Teams" ui view of a plan - have to jump to the planner app on the web.

Just found a problem with the filter in Planner.  We use the Flags/Tabs to indicate more than one thing.  For example, priority and a type of task.  However, I can only filter to include something and not to exclude something.  So, I can't include high priority items AND exclude those that also happen to be for product 'A'.  


I think there needs to be a way to choose this. Perhaps instead of just a check mark, they could include a '+' to include and a '-' to exclude something.

That would be more of a "uservoice" suggestion than a "something's not working / how do you" question.


@Pablo Destefanis the label search only appears to be within a single plan. I think it would be great to be able to search labels across "my tasks", as well as among different channels on Team. I understand it might not be practical to search across different Teams, but for us even that would be helpful. As a PM, i monitor multiple plans and channels and find it very difficult to keep up with everything.

The problem here is that labels are specific for each plan

@adam deltinger is correct. Labels are specific to a plan and hence cross plan label search is essentially an undefined operation.

@Rob Bowman - This was 4 years ago - as far as I can see today (2021) you still cannot filter by Labels (i.e. it is there, but it doesn't work - you filter for Blue and Pink still shows up)
Have you had any feedback since 2017?

Hello @CNC-Aled-J-R - I'm also struggling with being able to filter by labels. Have you figured out a way to delete the label colors that are not in use for a particular board?
Nope sorry - I would expect Microsoft to do that, when they put a Filter > Labels in Teams. Maybe they should rename it "Don't Filter"... Rob Bowman responded saying no update from Microsoft after 4 years, so nothing to report sorry
I agree.

@AKWelker Not yet sorry - at least the Filter has re-appeared now, but still no fix for the empty space for non-used Labels, still no Search, still no persistence of the Filter, and still no ability to auto-filter on my tasks (they will probably answer that the way to do these is to use the Tasks in Planner and To-Do which do some of those things