Features I'd Like Added to Planner

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I adore the Planner feature on Teams and am trying to get a 12,000 organization using it like clockwork. Here are a few things I think it is currently missing from perfection:


- Ability to tag other employees in the comments (not just tag the entire card)

- Ability to Export data into an excel file for the people who need to keep records that way

- Increased ease of use uploading documents. Right now I can either add a file here and it goes into an untidy bucket of files on SharePoint, or I can add the file manually to SharePoint then go back to the card and find it in the drive. This works, but it would be great if I could add files through the card and could specify the folder they land in.

- Ability to show versions/drafts in the Notes section 


If these issues were amended, I think our user adoption would sky rocket.


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