Feature Request: Connect Bucket with Status

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We are currently using planner for having an overview about evaluating a product (so the task describe a feature we would like to have in the product and we want to find out if it exist / is possible).

We would like to have a simple kanban board with four buckets:

  • To do
  • In Progress
  • Works
  • Does Not work

Now it would be awesome, if we had the ability to connect the buckets with the status of the tickets.

So, when somebody drags a ticket to "In Progress", the tasks progress is automatically changed to "In progress".

And if somebody drags it to "Works" or "Does Not Work", the task is automatically marked as "Completed".

In addition it would be nice to have an option "Keep previous status" for a bucket, so that it is not reverted to "Not started" when moved.

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Please post this on uservoice for people to vote for this feature!

I’m also thinking flow! You can change status today with flow on tasks but I don’t think there is anyway to “catch” the bucket switching though as a trigger

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Hi Adam,


thanks for pointing me to the right side... I was already guessing that I am wrong here ;)


I found a ticket which pretty much describes the feature I want:


Great! I’ll vote for it!