Feature Request - Archive Bucket Option

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We really need the ability to archive a button. I've seen discussion on this missing feature elsewhere, so figured an official request is required here;


As you can see, we have sorted tasks into buckets that represent the month. And once we've cleared all of the tasks in a bucket, we effectively need to archive that bucket which removes it from view (but doesn't delete it).


Keen to have this feature sooner than later, others have been waiting 5 years for such a feature...

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Best way to make a feature request is through Planner User Voice

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


It's been over 5 years since a user requested this very same enhancement on the Planner website, and it still hasn't been developed. I'll hazard a guess that Microsoft don't use that site...




Fingers crossed that they see the same idea posted here.


This would be a great addition!
Trello has it and its a feature thats stopping us from switching to 365