Export to Excel doesnt exist.

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Hi Guys,


I have many plans / boards and I'm trying to export data to excel.


There are loads of pages and documents all showing that all i need to do is click the [ ... ] and click Export.

However there is no such function.


The web version simply gives me a drop down list as below:



The desktop (teams) version gives me:



What on earth am I doing wrong? How can I export my plan?

My teams (web or client) doesnt appear to have half the options available.




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For some reason Microsoft have not exposed this in the teams viewer of the plan. Select the open in browser option within teams (the globe icon). This will open planner as a stand alone tab in your browser. Now you will see the 3 foot menu everyone talks about and see the export to excel option

@Dhrot Thank you.


Been pulling my hair out thinking i have some weird version no one else does. ..