Error when dragging and dropping columns in Planner

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Hello, I've been experiencing errors since Friday when dragging and dropping columns to rearrange them in Planner. I'm on a Macbook Pro (Monterray 12.6) device using Chrome browser (Version 109.0.5414.87).


When I drag a column to a certain (but not all) new locations, I get the below error. I drag and drop columns every day - this is very disruptive to my workflow. Please help.





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This is still happening





Did you ever find a resolution to this? It is happening to one of our users as well. Noted it is also being discussed in this thread, but there does not seem to be any official solution. 

@dustykrikau It seems to me that it was because I had too many completed tasks within my board. I've since been deleting columns that have many completed tasks (though I'd prefer not to) and that seems to have fixed the issue for me. Would be nice to have the history of completed tasks, but too many seems to break it.