Error: Progress updates are made by an account that does not match the person's O365 login

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Hey there! I'm hoping that you all love puzzles.
Our team uses MS Planner and O365. The team has its own O365 account. We have a shared operational support group email account as well individual email accounts, so team members are checking both accounts.
One of our team members observed this error in Planner, as follows.
* If she updates a card so that the Progress box to show Completed, then Planner displays "Completed by <name of group account>" rather than her name. The card remains assigned to her.
* If she creates a card, the card comments show that the group account created it, not her personal account. She can assign the card to herself.
* Planner shows that it is her account that is signed in, not the EDIS account.
* She has restarted her computer and the problem persists.
Ideas @Planner ? I keep thinking that the fix is for her to log out of everything possible and to log back in, but we've tried that and the problem persists, so we must be overlooking something.
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