Emails for planner activity not working again??? :(

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This seems to be a common occurance, emails stopped flowing from planner items last year and sometime in Dec they started again. Now last week they seem to have stopped.

I've tried from a planner on the o365 website and from a planner in Teams. I created a new item in each and did not recieve an email for either.


It make it hard to use the product when this keeps happening :(

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I think there is some kind of checkbox for each plan to "enable" or "disable" notifications, and I found they are "disabled" by default, which means no notifications regardless of user subscription settings.

But agree, the notification story is pitiful.

Confirmed that notification were enabled.

for the planner via the o365 website, I had to assign the task to a user before alerts started going out.

For the planner in Teams, even assigning a task to an user doesn't cause the alerts to be sent and I can't find the settings area in teams for the planner.

I've watch this behavior and I though that was me... thanks for comment this. I agree 
I think the problem is related to the Planner integration with Teams. I can confirm I have seen the same behaviour and I suspect is more a problem of Tems than a problem of Planner