Email Subject Does Not Change on Notifications from Planner Tasks

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When a Planner task's name is changed, future notifications from that task retain the original task name. Anyone else seeing this? Is this expected behavior? I would think the email subject would update with the task's changed name.


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@LGMPW  Yes, we are having the same problem... it causes a LOT of confusion.  We sometimes need to change the titles of existing tasks (for example, when a task needs to be broken into smaller tasks, once the scope is clarified) -- but we don't want to delete the task and create a new one, since there is already comment history, etc.  The email notifications still show the old task title in the subject... it's clearly a bug.  (The correct task link is displayed below the comments, which is good -- but somehow the email subject line is still pulling that old task title.)

@DeannaPM I have added this as a request to uservoice.  Please vote on it here