Email notification for assigned task link not taking me to the task

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As of early November, whenever I receive an email notification of a task being assigned to me on a planner board, when I use the link to take me to the task, it will open up the planner board but it won't take me to the task. 


( When I selected the task in the email - it used to open up the planner board on the web, and take me directly to the task online) 


Is this a bug? or something I am doing wrong 


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@Kelsey_MooreWe have a user reporting the same problem, I don't have a solution on this right now but I opened a support ticket with Microsoft

I came here for the same issue. Hopefully it's resolved soon!
So what I got from Support is that if you have the planner added to a Microsoft Teams tab then it will send the notification with a link to the Microsoft Team that the planner is pinned to; however, if you remove it from Microsoft Teams then it will revert back to sending the notification back to Microsoft Planner. They were not able to tell me if this is the new expected behavior or not going forward. Our user said removing it from Teams solved the issue for them and are okay with that solution for now anyway.