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Because of COVID-19 my company started to make some changes.
We adopted Microsoft teams to stay connected but we have some questions and doubts about the limitations of Planner integrated Microsoft teams.
I will leave this questions here, if someone can help with some it would be great.

- It is possible to define filters and save them as favorites. (because is used with high frequency) 

-I can't update documents in task attachments using the planner in Microsoft teams.
-Is it possible to put more macros? I have six macros but i need more.

-Is it possible to extract the planner to an excel file for example?
-Is it possible in the label graphs make one like a Gant diagram to see the actual state of the task?
-I don't understand the reason of planner have Group and Progress to change the status of the task. Is possible to configure to use only one?

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My two cents here:
1. Not possible to define filters and save them as favorites
2. Not possible to update task attachments
3. Not possible to put more macros
4. Yes, it's possible. You can export a Planner Plan to Excel
5. Not possible to make that Gant Diagram
6. It works like this by design