Do you know when planner apps will be available for Iphone?

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AFAIK there is no ETA for any App for Planner, no matter if we talk about iOS, Android or Windows

I herad the exact opposite, why my question :)

I'd love to see a mobile app for Planner too (and other apps/features).
Hopefully we'll see some great announcements at Ignite later this month.

I just found this on Uservoice:


January 21, 2016:

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve started work on our mobile apps and will working with the folks working on the Groups App to figure out all the right integration points.


We really need an ETA on the apps. On UserVoice, apps were marked as "Started" in January. January! Almost 8 months and no update! During Ignite they mentioned apps being near the top of the list on the roadmap, but didn't give any dates or timelines on when we might see them.
I believe the intent will be to make the mobile experience friendlier (I actually think it's fine via browser on a mobile phone now), and then maybe apps later.