Displaying Planner in a kiosk mode for free

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I would like to display Planner's Kan-ban board on a screen that is located in an open space area (inside business building) but I wish to restrict the access (no edit rights in planner + no user profile/network resources) and lower the cost if possible. 

I am not aware of individual Planner license being available, so the most cost-effective option I found is to use Microsoft 365 Business Basic license (which includes Planner), assign it to a generic user and then use this account in kiosk mode to access Planner via web browser. All other apps and services can be then turned off in Admin Portal 365. However, still does not solve the edit rights. Is anyone using this or similar setup?


I was wondering if there is another way how to simply display the content of the Planner for viewing purposes only? Public link/plan is not an option.

Alternative (free) option would be to use a guest account (utilising free outlook.com account), but then the data is exposed to "third" party.


I would welcome other ideas and suggestions. Thank you 

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Hi @adminpc

You could create a specific site on the SharePoint team site connected to the Planner.
There you can display the Planner's kanban board with the Planner web part.

 This site could be displayed at the screen.

Hope this helps and regards.