Disable Microsoft Planner email notifications

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I want to create a planner and assign the tasks without emailing the assignee with the planner notifications. I checked the planner settings and notifications are off by default. Is there any way to know where I can turn this off other than the planner settings? or perhaps customize the Microsoft planner email notifications? But I would prefer it if I can turn it off.


Thank you.

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Hi @adam deltinger 


I have. I already checked the Plan settings and everything is turned off. Not sure why I am still receiving the email notifications.

@dojca Additionally, can you confirm users have not subscribed to receive copy of their group emails in the inbox?

@Santhosh Balakrishnan 


I had a similar problem and I just setup an Email rule. 

Not the best option, however I don't think you can disable Email messages as its part of the O365 communication system.


Hope it helps :)

I just looked at @adam deltinger link and it does show you how to stop getting the notifications.
You have to edit the mailbox setting to stop receiving messages from the group.

@gastles yeah that setting doesn't have the intended effect. Still getting email notifications for comments in planner.
Spamming our inbox with notifications of activity should not be the default. Especially when it's myself making those comments... common Microsoft.

Same here, very inconvenient for the members to have this by default. 

@dojcaThe best I can find is for each member of the group to handle their notifications in outlook. In the browser version of outlook. You can go to the groups in the left hand pane, click on the group, then in the next pane click on the … 3 dots and go to "settings" From there the user can select "Don't receive any group messages"


It's not intuitive at all and it depends on all users to manage their own notifications.

@MRidenko2500 Not a great answer when I need to receive other group emails. But what you going to do? I hate it when MS thinks for me.

@dojca I believe each user has to go to Planner and turn off notifications. If it is a small group that might work out well...but for larger groups that probably is not ideal yet there is no other way that I've found that works.

Yes, these are user settings which cant be controlled by the admin.