Deleted Teams Planners not synching to web?

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We have a Team with several channels and each channel has a Planner.  My coworker renamed and/or deleted several channels and Planners after he first set them up as he tried out different ways of managing the multiple Planners.  At this point there are only 9 Planners that appear in the desktop app for both of us.  When he logs into Planner on the web, he sees a long list that includes all the Planners he deleted or renamed a few months ago.  When he goes into Planner Hub, he can remove them from "recent plans" but the cards still show up under My Tasks.  My login only shows the Planners that currently exist.  If they don't exist anymore, why are they showing up in the portal for him when he's never used the portal before and how do we remove them so that they don't appear under My Tasks?  Thanks in advance.

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I think this is expected since deleting a Channel in Teams does not delete a Planner Plan added as Tab in the Channel. What you have to do is delete the Planner Plans from the Planner Hub so you can be sure they don't show up....Note that to Delete a Planner Plan you will have to access the Plan settings to be able to delete it