Date format in Planner in development for 12 months

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I'm wondering if anyone has any information of when the fix for the date format in planner will be delivered. We are effectively running off work arounds and the business is getting tired of using them when they can use trello that has the right date format for the rest of the world? I can't ask the business to use a tool that causes confusion for 12 days of every month. 


There are no updates on uservoice...

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Unfortunately there are not news here...I hope someone from the Team can provide any insight, but it's quite frustrating how slow is being the evolution of Planner
I agree. I'm trying every work around to continue using planner, but limitations around data export is making it very difficult to keep my team engaged. It’s frustrating as it seems like such an essential feature. Any feedback from the Planner development team on ETA would be appreciated.

I have to tend to agree. The product delivery velocity has decreased and a fix for something that should have been delivered as core product has taken 12 months to deliver. 


Items like ical feeds that can be shared outside the organisation as an outlook integration solution are not security conscious and there is little communication from the product group. Its like to product has gone as far as it can which is disappointing.


It would be great for a product group manager to keep us updated on things but it seems as if trello is the way forward for this type of functionality as we have patiently waited 12 months for a fix.