Customize Planner tasks?

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Is it possible (maybe in the future) to customize the Tasks in Planner? We would like to add couple of fields/properties to the Tasks.

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I have not hear any news in regards of this customization type. As you know, Microsoft will provide planner templates in the future
Apps4.Pro Planner and Apps4.Pro Tasks add-in helps you to extend the Planner capabilities. One such thing is creating Sub-tasks for Planner tasks. We have plans to implement capability to add additional fields. If you are interested, I will discuss this internally and let you know when it will be available.

Are Planner templates something that can be cusomized (add/remove fields)?




I would be interested in this ability to add fields.  For me I would to be able to identify related tasks  ( with each have its own checklist - possibly have a single top level task (label).   I would also want to be able to  ensure that only when all realted tasks are completed does the overall top level task able to move to the next bucket.

The category colours are a nice visual marker but can really be used identifying distinct groups of tasks.

@Teemu StrandWill you be able to add custom fields like "Requested by" and why does the text input box have no extra formatting tools like this box has?

@TomA26 It is not possible to include additional fields in Planner. But for your case, "Requested by" is as same as the creator of the task? Also, there is no rich text editor available and not sure if MSFT will provide this. Optionally you can use third-party tools to create and update custom fields in Planner. 

@Santhosh BalakrishnanNo the person requesting can and most likely will be different from the creator. Can you tell me a trusted vendor for 3rd party tools for customizing?


This looks like is the 7th most popular request on the uservoice @ 


Please add any additional comments to that post; hopefully Microsoft will begin to implement this request.

@ben_projectThere seems to be a bug in all IE browsers (Chrome works fine!) with the Chart Dashboard page, attached screenshot. Any ideas?

IN IE11 and EDGE


@TomA26- Please repost this in the correct thread, otherwise the responses will get lost!

@TomA26 You can try Apps4.Pro Planner Manager for this. I have implemented this same feature for many customers and they are using it successfully in Planner.

Hi @Santhosh Balakrishnan can you tell me if I can add sub tasks in planner yet? 

Hi @JBragado70, you need to use the checklists as the sub cards in Planner web portal. But using third party app (Apps4Pro) you can be able to create the sub tasks and create break-up for the tasks. Those tasks appear as the separate tasks in Planner portal, but from Apps4Pro you can be able to see the task relationship. 

@Santhosh Balakrishnan 

I'd love to learn more about opportunities to customize MS Planner/To-Do. I specifically am trying to use to manage multiple client projects in one main board/planner where the buckets are general status and the tasks belong to a single client we switch from bucket to bucket as it progresses. It would be ideal for the checklist to have assignee or allow for sub-task with different assignee. And when someone checks it off for a date/time stamp to appear with MS user. 

@NLM-TSI sure, please DM your email address and I will would be happy to assist.

We would love to explore the same thing also. Having the possibility to manager sub-tasks and to customize the form with lockup and additional fields will help a lot to boost this tool.