Custom Fields Updates Sept 2022?

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I got so frustrated at not being able to create custom fields in a Plan that I decided to move my projects over to Lists and abandon Planner. It felt like the right move for a little while; I so loved the ability to make any field I wanted, but the board view options, card display options, etc. were lacking without knowing JSON, and I eventually admitted that I still prefer Planner for managing projects, and just have to accept that the best I can do at the moment is type out necessary info in the card notes. It would be so nice to know whether Microsoft has any actual plans, or at least a vague desire, to implement the seemingly-to-me pretty straightforward functionality of allowing users to add custom fields to cards at a Plan-level. Knowing there will be light at the end of the tunnel may give me enough hope to keep me going. So, does anybody know if there's hope?

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