Cross-tenant user access to Planner (in Teams)

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We are facing an issue with Planner access from cross-tenant member users.
After the user changes Tenant, and tries to access a Planner tab in Teams, he/she receives instantly a "Your session has expired." popup, what is keep repeating if you try to hit Login now.



We are aware that Planner is not supported on Shared channels (what is meant to be used in cross-tenant collaboration), but this is not a Shared channel. 
Can someone confirm if Planner is (or will be) compatible with cross-tenant usage??

Gergely Boruzs



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@gboruzs111 we are also seeing the same behaviour. My guess is that the user does not have an explicit license for Planner via Office 365 in the host tenancy. My users have a license in their home tenancy, and both tenancies have the Office 365 Planner feature turned on, but the users do not have an Office 365 license in the tenancy hosting the Planner.

Had the same idea, and gave licenses to the users synced from the other tenat.
Did not change a thing.

@gboruzs111 - thanks for sharing - prevents me from trying and failing in the same way. I think this issue is only related to "New Planner" as we never had this problem before it was upgraded.