Creating Plans with restricted Group create rights

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At one of our clients, they have disabled groups to be created by anyone.

We do create Teams when requested from the Teams admin portal and that works fine but having issues with Planner.


As far as I'm aware you must create a plan in Planner? No admin center functionality?

If i create a plan from the planner site i gets set as owner and i dont have rights to change the owner of the group. 

Is there a better way to create planner items?

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Was hoping that users that is already part of the group could make use of the "Add to an existing Office 365 Group" (Members or Owners)

They get an error: Plan and Office 365 group creation disabled. 

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I think you will need to create the Planner Plans through the Planner UI (or using Graph API) and once they are created, configure them with the right Onwers and owners will be able to delete the "not required owner" later

Thanks. That is what I was scared off. Doing it like that at the moment. 



@Danie Claassen I am a Global Admin for our Tenant and we are working through the same issue. We have disabled self service Group Creation. We would like existing Group Owners, that we have assigned, to be able to create sub plans under there own groups. @Planner team, any thoughts on that possibility?