Confirmation of image size and parameters for Planner Icon

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Hi all,


Been going through the community and can't seem to find the specifics regarding the image requirement for a picture or image to appear as a Planner icon.


I know myself that by clicking conversations and redirecting to the O365 group (or just editing there) you can amend the icon for the group (logo if you will) and while O365 Groups appear to manage most sizes by rescalling I notice Planner doesn't.


I've had some images just work and some not. Wondering can I get confirmation of the actual specifics, so I know what images to be uploading to the O365 Group to show in planner. 


Some planners look more immediate to end users with logos or picture as opposed to the abbreviation planner performs.



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Good luck! I don't think I ever found it either. There's this:, but doesn't seem to directly apply. For whatever reason I can't recall, I started using 400x400.

I'm sure someone involved in either the platform itself officially can confirm, since they would have had to set parameters in the first place ;)

It seems they've been generally shy about naming constraints or limits like we might have seen for on-prem services. If I had to guess its so that they can freely bump things up, but protect against some rogue script grabbing all available resources. However, I agree - this one seems like it should be a no brainer to find. Maybe some of the people who've recently posted on the planner blog or on twitter about planner can help.


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That's fair enough, but I guess it shouldn't hurt getting some official guidelines.

I have a number of picture/icon repositories for the likes of Sharepoint and other platforms, so while I "assumed" they would work fine for planners, if I need to make a new repo for end users want to know what specs I've to work off :)
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Planner uses the associated group's image for this photo. Here's an article on how to edit/delete this photo using Outlook web:


Please note: the image itself may take some time to propagate fully through the system in which we pull the photo from. Updating the group's photo may not update the Plan's photo automatically.

Thanks for this. It does appear like it just takes a good while for the image to filter through to associated platforms.

I can see one of the planner plans icon changed, from an image I loaded into the O365 group on Tuesday.

I probably assumed it would be relatively quickly, in terms of happening instantly or atleast within an hour. That's cool knowing it can take a while.