Comments notifications not sent unless person has commented in the past?

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as per title,


I create a task and whomever is assigned the task is notified of the creation.  If I then post a comment from within the task only assigned members who have added a comment in the past recieve a notification.

So, asignees have to manually access the task, create a generic comment and post it to the task, to make sure they are notified of any comments.


Is there a way to fix this behaviour?





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Hi @Jamesbowdidge_SSL,

there are potential workarounds to resolve this:

  1. Group Mailbox Subscription: Consider subscribing to the Group mailbox to receive email alerts for all activities and comments. You can do this by turning on notifications for all emails in the Group mailbox settings. Keep in mind that each user who needs these notifications must individually configure this setting.

  2. Plan Settings: Adjust the notification settings in the Plan settings. Navigate to your Plan, access the three dots in the options tab, choose “Plan settings,” and click on “Notifications.” Ensure the box for “Send email to the group when a task is assigned or completed” is checked.

It's important to note that these solutions may not be perfect and could potentially result in more notifications than desired. Additionally, individual users need to adjust these settings as they are user-specific and not plan-specific.


Email Notifications for Comments on Planner Tasks - Microsoft Community Hub

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