Comments in certain format disappear after closing the task tab

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When I copy email message to comment under any task, MS Planner sends an email notification, but when I open the task to see the comment again, there is only an empty comment (my picture and username without any other content). I tried to remove different parts of email message, but only the first two lines cause the problem.


Example of the text I pasted:

From: Kytka, Igor (CZ - Prague) 
Sent: Thursday, January 4, 2018 9:16 AM


Thank you!



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This seems to be a bug and it's totally unexpected. I think the best you can do is just open a support ticket reporting this issue

Did you get anywhere with this?


We're having a very similar problem that we thought was to do with the format of cut and paste from emails - in fact it seems we add comments and post them and seems to save - even get a notification email - however when we go back to the card the comment has disappeared?


I'm inclined to think this a config/setting change for Teams/Planner/Group as for other Teams I'm a member of of the planner app works fine there for comments.