Commenting on a Plan within Teams emails the entire Team. Can we stop this?

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I posted this over in the Teams area but didn't find a solution so I figured I'd try here since it involves Planner too.


We have a Team setup that has multiple channels.  Various channels have Planner tabs in them.  The plans were created from within Teams.


What we noticed is that any time anyone comments on a Task within the Plan, everyone in the entire Team gets notified.  Is there some way to change this?  We would like it so that either only people who Follow the channel get notified (like how the conversation tab works in Teams) and/or so that only the person assigned to the tab gets notified along with anyone who is @ mentioned in the comment.



I have a Team called Test Team that has 50 people on it.

Under that Team I have 10 Channels.  5 Team members "Follow" each Channel

In each of those Channels I have a Planner Tab.

If I create a task inside of Planner in one of the channels and then comment on it, all 50 people get an email about the comment.  I would either like only 5 people who Follow that channel to get an email, or even just the person assigned to the task.


Right now, everyone on the entire Team is getting spammed when people are actively working on a Task within the Plan inside of Teams.  I don't see anything in my Notification area (within Teams) that says anything about how Plans notify people.


Can this be changed somehow?



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Well, currently there is not way to avoid this...Planner plans are tied to the Team but also to the underlying Office 365 Group son notifications are going to be sent to the Group e-mail and so to all the members of the Group that are members of the Group

Is there any way to disable email notifications for the plans completely?  Or can I even go as far as disabling the ability to email to the group?


Do we know if this is something that's being worked on?  Does it qualify as a bug?  There's no reason to email the entire Group just because someone made a comment on a plan.

Hi Mike,
You can switch off the following:
(1) In planner, notifications sent when a task is completed or assigned.
(2) In the Group, you can disable the Send all group conversation setting when editing the Group settings



#1 is already off.

I'll take a look at #2 and see what I can find.


Update: Just found that #2 was already turned off as well.  However, I went to one of the emails I received from a comment and clicked the Unsubscribe link and it says it unsubsribed me so I guess I'll do some more testing and see what happens.