Comment text lost after clicking elsewhere

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I am writing a comment in Planner and if I click off the comment pane (for example to add someone to the task so they get a copy of the comment when it is sent) the comment is lost - text entered should NEVER be lost.

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Are you facing this issue when using planner directly from web portal or from Teams?
Using it from within Teams - is this not how a Teams App is supposed to be used?
Can you open the same problematic task in the Planner web portal ( and see if you can post the comments?
Santosh, it is any task in any planner. In Teams, create a task or edit an existing one; edit some text, for example adding a new comment, but then when you click outside the pop-up, the edits are lost and the task is closed.
Any interest in responding with an update? This continues to happen
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Planner does not store the text and When the edit window gets closed, the text vanishes. Since the edit window is opened as popup, it loses its context when its closed.
Exactly - useless software. It is 2021 and we should never loose work!