Change Planner Attachments location

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Is it possible to change the default location of where attached files are stored. Currently in our environemnt they are stored at the root of the Documents library in our O365 Group.

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AFAIK, there is not a setting to configure the path where Planner attachments are stored

This is a huge requrst - would really improve the product!


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Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín. Any ongoing work to make this possible? This is a important issue. We are using planner fore different project. If all files are being stored at the same location we cannot use planner. Hope this function/setting will be available soon:-) 

@Giovan GervasiI 100% agree with this. I use Planner to manage 50+ projects at any given time, and I had to use the SharePoint document site that is used for the majority of my other files. The problem is that Planner just haphazardly dumps all files into the main directory, which creates a huge mess of files. I'd be happy if I could just have one folder in the main directory that held all of those files, rather than cluttering up the root directory.

@Sivert_Steigedal The only workaround now is to upload the files directly to the SharePoint folder wherever we need and open task and browse the SP folder location and attach it as the link. This is how we are managing it now. 

I agree, I am trying to push the usage of Planner for my projects, and use the Site to organize the whole project but the fact that Planner just uploads the attachments to the main folder not only makes the site to looks disorganize, it is also creates confusion among the team members. I read the workaround about uploading the file and then adding the link, that is what I am trying to do but not all the team member do it since it is easier to just add the attachment when the are creating or editing the task. These small details are the reason some please prefer other platforms instead of the MS products.

@Aby_CidHonestly, I've moved on to Asana and haven't looked back since. There are integrations that work well with Outlook as well.

Any updates on this? The Docs folder is so cluttered and everyone is grumpy.

December 2022. You can create multiple plans in a site but Planner insists to save all the files in the same (root) folder. Since 2017. No folders by channel. No per-plan setting.
You wonder why you continue pushing for Planner when its development is so slow.
Onwards to more disillusionment in 2023.

@pdestefanis   Agree, this and so much is half baked. Was just wondering why so much random tat has appeared in our company root directory.... Oh, Its Planner attachments .  Hopeless....

5 years and not even a response, shame