Change of Planner name in MS Teams is not synchronized with Planner name in Planner Hub

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For a project I created corresponding teams in MS Teams and added a Planner with the name "Planner" in each team. The Planner names should now be titled according to the alignment of the teams for the project. The problem now is that when the name of the Planner is changed in MS Teams, the name is not synchronized with the Planner Hub. Accordingly, all plans in the Planner Hub will still have the title "Planner", although this is actually related to the planners created in teams.

Why is the name of the planners from MS Teams not automatically synchronized with the plans in the Planner Hub?

Do you have to change the names of the plans in the Planner-Hub manually or is there a setting to do this automatically?


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You set the name when you add a plan to your team the first time! It’s default “Planner” You can change it in the planner Hub on settings of the plan.

@XYZYR also the name is just on eht TAB and is not necessarily the Planner name - the plan could also have been added to another tab in another channel - so it would not make sense to change the tab that may have been created by someone else and given a meaningful name that didn't happen to be the plan name.