Can you share/mirror a task from one planner board to another?

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Hi there,


We have recently migrated to MS teams and using Planner to manage tasks within different teams and channels. I was wondering if I am part of multiple channels that have different Planner boards, am I am to set it up so I am able to make changes in one of the boards and this change is mirrored across to all boards in which that task is shown? 


Ie. I have one team with two channels - channel A and channel B. There is a board in channel A which has certain tasks. channel B has a separate planner board with a different set of tasks. Is there a way I can make a task that is shared between both boards? This would be very convenient as I would be able to manage certain tasks but others in the different channels would be able to see the updates that related to the task in the other board which they have access to. 


I have tried the copy task function but this create a duplicate so would rely on the user to make changes to all instances of the boards - whereas the functionality that I have mentioned, it would be just a matter of sharing the tasks across the different boards and only needing to update one. This would be really great for companies like ours where we are trying to minimise the reporting time and will allow certain tasks to be shared to different forums where they add value.


If this isn't a feature, I think that it would be a good addition :)




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@Jack_Woodward This feature is not available in Planner. You can vote for this in User voice (I can find several ideas for the same feature :facepalm:)

I would need the same feature, as I use planner to organise the tasks for my team, and some of the tasks need to be copied to the management board channel.

@Jack_Woodward can it be done in lists 


i want to mirror a list in 2 channels