Can't see the name for a plan coming from Teams

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I know that currently the plans created inside of Teams are not visible in the Planner Hub as separate plans.


From inside of Teams when I click the "open in browser" button, it takes me to Planner and opens that particular plan inside Planner. This is good, I can use the board and view the charts, and the stuff. 


However, the name in the top banner still shows the name of the group-plan i.e. the plan which was created with the group (one-to-one). I can create multiple plans in Teams, and also open them separately as full web view inside Planner; but for every such plan the name remains the same as that of the original group-plan which is visible as a tab in left-pane of Planner Hub. 


This makes it very confusing and users are seemingly lost as to which plan they are currently viewing. Noticing the faint plan-name on the second-line of a particular task is not practical. While viewing the chart or the board, the actual name of that plan should be visible on the top banner instead of the group-plan.


Is this a known issue? Or a temporary issue while full support is being developed?


Pinging @Dave Heller.

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Hi, This is the temporary issue which will be resolved when MSFT provides proper integration of Planner and Team Plan. You can see and navigate to all Team plans from Planner.
Any guess when this feature will be available?

A projected timeline for this would be very useful. It's great to be able to create Plans from within Teams, but the whole experience becomes very confusing when you can't actually see them in Planner. Thanks! 

Timeline is a feature that will come to Planner...not specific ETA yet
For now calendar view for tasks is coming soon in Planner :)

Four months later I still can't see my Team other plans in planner except for the first Existing plan created. We really need do know the timeline of the implementation of this bug repair patch. Not timeline as Tasks feature. Although its cool too, let's stay to the topic of the first post.

MSFT is working on integration between Planner and Teams as per their announcement during Ignite 2017. Once done the plans created from teams will be available in Planner. More announcements are listed in this blog

It also requires extra steps in the mobile app. You have to go to teams first then tell it to open in the planner app. This is a cumbersome and ridiculous restriction that will delay the adoption by many.