Can't create a Task unrelated to a specific Team / Project

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Hi, I have the following issue. When in Tasks view (in Widows and Android app) I see ONLY the tasks assigned to me. I can't create a task in the My Task category. Every new task requires me to link it to the existing Team / Project.


I know, after comparing this with my co-workers, that I should be able also to create a task only for myself as 'local one' or personal to-do unrelated to a Team.


TLDR: Can't create personal to-do's.


Any ideas? I'm guessing it has to do with privileges given to my account...

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@lukkluj I hope you are referring to "Tasks by Planner and ToDo" app in Teams. If so, this app is meant to view all tasks assigned to you across different systems. In case the Plans are added as tab in Teams channel, those will be visible under Shared Plans section, and you can create the tasks in different projects / plan. If not, you need to access Planner web portal ( to create tasks. 


@Santhosh Balakrishnan 

Hi Santhosh,

What I mean is that (on PC, in application) the My Tasks part seems not fully functional. It should let me create my own individual tasks / to-dos.


And I can only create tasks as 'Assigned to me' which requires picking one of the existing projects as a 'mother' of any new tasks.


So that's the problem...

@lukkluj Thanks for your reply. But I am still confused, as I could see the option to pick where my task needs to go on. Please correct me if I am wrong in understanding. 


Screenshot 2021-08-10 180447.png

The thing is that you should have 2 options:
- A tasks that go to a specific Team / Project (this works for me)
- B tasks that are your 'local TO-DO's (My Tasks) - (this I can't create!)

IMPORTANT - after consulting my IT department it seems that this option got lost when recently a synchronization of MS Teams and Outlook was enabled in our organization. The people who have been migrated to the sync'ed accounts (like me) lost the opportunity to create and use 'My Tasks'..